Fighter F-35


Israeli F-35 bombed with zero efficiency

Israeli F-35i Adir showed zero efficiency.

Another Israeli aggression against Iraq and the Iranian military in this country ended in no way in favor of Tel Aviv. According to a number of information, two F-35i Adir fighters participated in the attack, however, as a result of the strikes, they managed to manage not only without casualties among the Popular Mobilization Force (pro-Iranian armed forces - approx. Ed.), But also without injuries.

“Iraqi government officials confirm that the ammunition depot in Hashd al-Shaabi in the west of Al-Anbar governorate was destroyed during an air strike. The airstrike was carried out by the Israeli Air Force F-35I fighter from the 140 th squadron based at Nevatim airbase. No harm done"“- says Babai Tagway, a Maltese military expert, citing his own military sources.

According to some reports, Russian fighters chased Israeli warplanes in order to prevent violation of the borders of Syria, but at the moment these data are not confirmed by either the Russian, Syrian or Israeli military, however, shortly before the strike, in the southeast direction from the air base Hmeimim took off several Russian military aircraft.

Great article! "Israeli aggression against Iraq and Iranian troops in this country"
Hey authors, what are Iranian soldiers doing in Iraq and why are they being bombed by a third party - Israel? And for what? On whose side is Israel?)))))) Or is he wetting both of them? He revered ... neighing ...

What was in the warehouses?

“The task was completed with zero efficiency” Indeed, “0” remained from the warehouse!

Conducted an attack with zero warehouse efficiency ...

This is for most who do not read further than the headline.

What about "zero efficiency" if the warehouse was destroyed?