Israeli F-35 trapped in C-300 and C-400 in Syria

Israeli F-35 are trapped between C-300 and C-400.

In anticipation of Israel’s new attacks on Syrian territory, Russian C-400 and Syrian C-300 successfully lure Israeli F-35 fighters into a trap in which they will be in the event of an attempt to attack the T4 airbase, which, presumably, Iranian cruise missiles and air defense equipment (there are no official data on the transfer of Iranian air defense to Syria so far - ed.).

To attack the T4 airbase, Israeli fighters will have to enter Syrian airspace, however, experts recalled a number of statements by the Syrian military regarding permission to shoot down any planes and missiles that violate the airspace of the Arab Republic.

According to experts, the Israeli attack is possible either from the south or from the west, and, to minimize the threat, Tel Aviv will almost certainly use F-35 fighters, which are considered inconspicuous for the C-300 and C-400. However, given the fact that both C-300 and C-400 are located only 150 kilometers from the T4 airbase, F-35 will be easily detected, and. it is likely that this will become a trap for the "stealth", which simply shoot anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Experts, in turn, note that not only the Syrian and Iranian military may be interested in the destruction of the Israeli F-35, but also, most likely, the Russian side, since in this case it will be possible not only to demonstrate the effectiveness of air defense systems, but also to get debris "Stealth".

Among other things, if the information about the deployment of the Bavar-373 Iranian air defense systems to Syria is confirmed, Israel will have even more problems because Iran will attack Israeli aircraft without warning and coordinating its attacks with the Syrian and Russian military.

150 km from the Base, and not from the border) TiFor is still not within the range of missiles, what would a bulge from behind, so the IDF will have to light up fully in Syrian air

Shoot down, knock down and shoot down this scrap metal again, and we'll see!

And why should Israeli fighters enter Syria ??? 150km is not the distance that aircraft missiles cannot cover. It will turn out as always, they will shoot before the border and there they will intercept, not intercept, but not planes but missiles. At the Israeli air base just do not shine in response