Israeli F-35 bombed the positions of the Syrian army, despite the S-300 and S-400

The S-300 and S-400 did not justify the functions assigned to them against the F-35.

Tonight, Israeli F-35 fighters were able to freely cross the border of Syrian airspace and deliver a series of powerful strikes since the beginning of this year on the positions of the Syrian army. Despite the fact that Israeli military aircraft operated deep in Syrian territory, the S-300 and S-400 complexes again failed to justify the functions assigned to them.

In the video footage presented, you can see how Israeli F-35 fighters carry out powerful attacks on the positions of the Syrian army. At the same time, it became known that the area near the city of Safira was subjected to strikes. This indicates that Israeli warplanes managed to enter Syrian airspace without hindrance, while remaining unnoticed.

It is reported that the Syrian military tried to shoot down the fired missiles. Judging by the video frames presented, it was also not possible to succeed in intercepting the CAA.

According to some reports, Israel could well use its electronic warfare means to suppress the radar systems of the S-300 and S-400 complexes, but no official statements have yet been made on this score.

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You need to chew at home, and not hundreds of kilometers from it.

Attempts to shoot down Israeli planes are fraught with the immediate destruction of the installation that makes such attempts. This has already happened more than once or twice, and the Syrians are well aware of this.

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So it was necessary not to catch missiles, but to shoot down Israeli planes if they entered the airspace of a sovereign state of Syria, the planes cost much more than the missiles fired from them if our and Syrian fighters sleep like that and not respond to threats, then why bother to defend the country (Syria) Israel tomorrow he will come and take this territory and then what? in war, one should not chew or wear white gloves.

What is the source? Where did you get this information? An article of some sort "no windows, no doors." Looks like a fake.

The article is full of inaccuracies. The strikes were not targeted at the positions of the Syrian army, but at Iranian arms depots. Israel attacks the positions of the Syrian army on the rarest of occasions, inflicting only retaliatory strikes.
This is the first thing. And secondly, the nonsense voiced by some admiral is not even worth refuting, it is enough to look at the results of the strikes to understand that this simply would not have happened from one missile. The Syrians constantly report that they have shot down all the missiles, but it is not clear why the targets at which these allegedly shot down missiles were fired are blown up into the air.

That's how Israel, and shouts everywhere that it is fighting the Nazis, the Prime Minister of Israel wears St. George's ribbons on May 9.

Writes as is. And there is nothing shameful about that. Yes, the Israelis are successful in weapons. Just like Koreans in smartphones.

The fact that this is the F-35 is known, since the Israelis themselves declared it.

The rear admiral noted that the strikes were carried out by four tactical F-16 fighters of the Israeli Air Force. They entered Syrian airspace through the Al-Tanf zone, which is controlled by the US Army, and directed eight guided missiles towards targets southeast of the city of Aleppo. Air defense destroyed seven of them. However, the eighth still achieved its goal, damaging the building of the research center.

And the eye is like an eagle ... Well done, the author was able to identify the F-35 from this murky video.

Nationalist shot down in Kharkiv is being treated in an Israeli hospital
JULY 12, 2021 22:44
Last Friday, Kharkiv nationalist Artem Moshensky, wounded in the assassination attempt, was brought to Israel. This is reported by the Ukrainian press.

According to journalists, supported by videos and data from the Flytradar service, the ambulance that was taking Moshensky to the airport was escorted by his colleagues in the National Corps with torches and the slogan "Together to the end." Shame on Israel

I noticed that this site is very fond of writing about Israel bypassing Russian systems. Aren't they the sponsors of this site?

The Syrian army was unharmed. Israel destroys only pro-Iranian and Hezbalah groups. Nothing threatens Russian bases and there is a notification, and then a raid. Iran and Hezbollah have no place in Syria. Israel and Russia do not need this.

And where is the confidence that the attack was carried out from the depths of the country? - For me, it is much more convenient to attack Safira from Cyprus through Idlib.

Spread FAKES again !!
С300 and С400 There are only on the cover of the Russian AB "Khmeimim" ...

And in fact, the shelling, missiles from the territory of Israel, anything but the positions of the Syrian army, they are simply not there.

failure and these generals have their service life extended