Fighter F-35


Israeli F-35s spotted for the first time a few minutes from the Syrian border

For the first time, Israeli fifth-generation fighters approached the borders of Syria at a very short distance.

A few hours ago, in the east of the Lebanese city of Sur (Tire), at least five Israeli fifth-generation F-35 fighters were seen flying only 3,5-4 minutes from the Syrian border, which is most notable in the area, from which was actively striking the Syrian capital and the environs of Damascus.

Judging by the fact that the F-35 fighters were moving in battle order, we are not talking about a regular monitoring mission over Lebanon - according to experts, Israel is preparing for new air strikes on Syrian territory using F-35 fighters, and, judging by the large number the latter, the strikes are supposed to be very large-scale.

Given Israel's earlier statements of intentions to strike at Syrian territory every 10 days, experts suggest that new air strikes from the Israeli Air Force should be expected closer to the end of this week, while for Russian radars and S-300 air defense systems , this could be a great opportunity to prove itself in the fight against F-35 fighters.

I want to understand how the C300 and 400 can prove themselves? Open fire? Means to attack the Israeli Air Force. But the answer will not be long in coming.



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