Israeli fighters attacked the position of the Syrian S-300. Video

Israeli military aircraft attacked the Syrian S-300.

A few minutes ago, Israeli fighters, while in mid-air above the Mediterranean Sea, launched rocket attacks on the deployment area of ​​Syrian S-300 air defense systems near the city of Masyaf. The exact area of ​​airstrikes has not yet been named, however, the Syrian S-300s are located only 10 kilometers from the site of one of the airstrikes.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment when the Syrian air defense systems reflected rocket attacks by Israel, while sources report that some of the Israeli combat aircraft were in the sky over Lebanon, and some were covered by civilian aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea. According to sources, at least four missile attacks by Israel have been successful, although there is no information on this subject from the Syrian Arab army.

Some of the Israeli missiles were shot down by Syrian air defense systems - according to previously released information, at least six Pantsir-S complexes are located in this area, which should have been enough to successfully repel the Israeli attack, and therefore, data on successful blows so far cause serious doubt.

Nevertheless, given the fact that Israel decided to attack the area with the Syrian S-300s, it is obvious that Tel Aviv acted almost certainly realizing that these systems would not attack Israeli combat aircraft.