Syrian air defense attack


Israeli fighters attacked by Syrian air defenses - 4 rockets fired at IDF fighters

Syrian air defense fired at least four missiles at Israeli fighters.

Syrian air defense systems fired at Israeli combat aircraft, which took part in the attack on air bases in the province of Homs, at least four anti-aircraft guided missiles. The strikes were delivered by S-200 anti-aircraft missile systems. Most notably, the missiles were fired from the Masyaf area immediately after the Syrian military received data on missiles fired into the province of Homs, which made it possible to thwart the Israel Defense Forces attack.

Initially, there was information that a strike on two Israeli fighters was inflicted by the Syrian S-300 air defense systems, which were deployed in the Masyaf area. The missiles were launched in pairs. This indicates the fact that the Syrian military is guaranteed to aim at Israeli aircraft, however, it turned out that in reality we are talking about the S-200 air defense system, the area of ​​which is also located in this region.

Quite a lot of questions arose about how exactly the Syrian missiles were aimed at Israeli combat aircraft, since the fighters were covered by a mountain range in neighboring Lebanon. This once again points to the previously announced version that the Syrian air defense systems are using Russian radars, which provide an opportunity to control the airspace over Lebanon and the entire eastern Mediterranean Sea.

At the moment, there is no information to confirm the fact of the defeat of Israeli combat aircraft. Overall, Israel's attack was a failure, as one of the missiles exploded at Tiyas airbase, injuring six Syrian soldiers. There is no loss or serious damage.


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