Israeli fighters fleeing Russian Su-35 ... again

The Russian Su-35 chased Israeli fighters, forcing the latter to flee.

Another attempt by the Israeli Air Force to strike at Syria ended in shame for Tel Aviv - the country, which considers itself the most powerful in the Middle East, was disgraced, as Israeli pilots had to flee the Russian Su-35.

According to Syrian Military Capabilities, the Israeli Air Force, without coordinating the strikes on Syria with Moscow, became the “victims” of Russian combat aircraft that flew to intercept them. At the moment, it is known that two Russian fighters were urgently lifted from the Khmeimim airbase into the air, which initially went east and south-east, however, after a few minutes, these combat aircraft were spotted over southern Syria.

This is not the first flight that nearly ended with the interception and possible loss of its aircraft for Israel (in the case of the use of Russian and Syrian air defense systems - approx. Ed.), But, obviously, this fact indicates that Russian air defense systems are closely monitored airspace over the southern part of Syria, not allowing Israel to use it for its aggressive and violating international law actions.

Experts do not exclude that in the case of Israel’s persistence, Russia can indeed grant the Syrian military the right to use C-300 against Israeli aircraft, killing offenders without warning

expert, but didn’t try to work instead of trampling claudia? Then what will appear and maybe even the hole will be delayed)

So scared that they fled right up to the Iraqi border! There, the unidentified planes themselves, in horror, crap with bombs over an Iranian base, and the kitchen gardens returned home.

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"Israeli fighters fled
making the latter run away. "run away, fighters, is it like ...? From the room on the clave, clap your hooves after the next dose!

Allies decide. Iran will gladly oppose Israel, possibly support Iraq and Turkey.

Ogh, I asked Iranian forces to bomb on the basis of the T4 bomb, where ours are also located. Putin did not allow to see, so they bombed an Iranian base near the military airport of El Hamdan in the city of Bu-Kemal on the border of Iraq and Syria

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Well, they finally waited for the fasteners, at least someone was running away from us. It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing to eat and a hole in your pocket, but the fastest missiles, the most terrible planes are afraid of us, here’s some kind of happiness

Once the USSR tried to do so, it turned out the opposite. I’m not about the fact that Israel is stronger and has better equipment, I’m about that its pilots are many times more experienced than Russian, if only because they are constantly fighting, and ours only fly and even a little, and experience is 80% success. In addition, Israel, if attacked, has supply bases directly in that region, and Russia will have to pull everything from afar. You don’t need to go to a fortuneteller, the Russian Federation will lose there in a local war, win the depletion, well, if they do not stand up for Israel. In the same way, Israel 100% lost to the Russian Federation if we say attacked the territory of the Russian Federation, all the same factors with the supply. t

Guest, are you so illiterate in the politics of our government? After all, the author painted everything. Learn materiel

Ah ah ah! It is evidently not in vain that the prime minister urgently called Putin, probably asking him not to shoot him down.

What does the ally-non-ally have to do with it? Both the Turkish and the coalition aviation coordinate or, if you like, put the Russian side in front of any use of aviation, as Russia puts the opposite side in the course so that there are no such excesses.

Vera, a Russian plane was shot down by Syrian air defense.

why israel ??? IL-20 shot down by the brave Syrian warriors! it’s clear that instead of an Israeli plane, but the Jews were here as if nothing to do with it - they definitely didn’t shoot down.

Who hasn’t fought here yet? The only air clash between ours and the Israelis is far from in our favor.

This one is not aware that Israel calls Putin almost every day, coordinating the bombing. Now apparently they were trying to bomb without permission.

strange, why is there still no permission to shoot down enemy planes after Israel shot down our plane?

strange, why is there still no permission to shoot down enemy planes after Israel shot down our plane?

And who did they bring down ??

hard knock down any targets over Syria

"... the Israeli Air Force, without coordinating the attack on Syria with Moscow ..."
Author, do you understand what you write? So whose ally is Russia? Syria? Of Israel? From your words it turns out that Israel is Russia's main ally in the BV. Something you have with geopolitics is a gap.

Everything is done right.

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