The plane in the sky


Israeli fighters nearly collide with Ryanair

In the skies over Israel almost collided combat fighter and passenger aircraft.

At the moment, it was possible to find out that the tragic plane crash was avoided only thanks to the actions of the pilot of a passenger airliner, who noticed the danger in the last moments, in particular, according to the information available to, the plane was dispersed at a distance of only a few hundred meters.

Until now, the Israeli military command had no immediate comment on the incident, not denying it, but not pointing to a huge danger, however, in fact, given the fact that on board the aircraft loukostera «Ryanair» was, at least, 120 people, a tragedy It could be imminent.

It remains unknown why the combat fighter pilots did not notice the plane, and why terrestrial services were also not warned that through this air corridor will perform span warplanes.


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