Missile launches


Israeli fighters retreated due to missiles fired by Iran

The United States kicked Israeli fighters out of Syrian airspace after being hit by a missile attack.

The Israeli Air Force entered Syrian airspace again tonight, intending to once again attack the positions of the Syrian and Iranian military in that country. However, the US forced Israeli planes to abort their mission due to a rocket attack that began shortly before the Israeli strikes.

At the moment, it is known that the Iranian side has fired at least two missiles at an American military base in eastern Syria. The latter managed to fly to the US base near the Konoko gas field, as a result of which the US immediately closed the airspace of the controlled part of Syria for any flights, forcing Israeli military aircraft to leave it. This, presumably, may be due to the activation of air defense systems, under the blows of which the Israeli aviation could well have fallen.

“Local sources in Deir ez-Zor told SANA that a US occupation base near the Konoko gas field in the eastern part of the country was fired upon by two rocket-propelled grenades. At the moment, there is no information about whether the attack resulted in casualties or death among the occupying forces. Sources indicated that US occupation forces immediately closed the area in parallel with the flight of Israeli aircraft in the area. ", - reports the Syrian news agency SANA.

It is known that missile strikes on the American military base were carried out from the area where the pro-Iranian forces were located. At the same time, it is quite remarkable that not long before this, the command of the IRGC issued an appeal in which it announced that, following Afghanistan, the United States would have to leave the territory of Syria.

Well yes ... scared ..... ?? !! SO who were the Americans or Iranians afraid of? Or maybe they checked the Syrian air defense system, adjusted into a single system? Okay ... next time you will hit a couple of crows.

This is where Iran is bluffing. Now, not only will the troops not be withdrawn, but they will also be strengthened. They will not want to repeat the flight from Avganistan. But if the Iranians have fired missiles at the US base, apparently a powerful retaliatory strike should be expected.

Two shots from a grenade launcher - is it an "Iranian rocket attack"? Quite, you see, burned out in the Ministry of War: with six "newest firewood" Ssu 57 won all wars and immediately on "modernization". Three "Armats" in tugs will conquer the whole of Europe, "Kuzya" will drown all aircraft carriers, missiles, basically, hit Voronezh, wherever they fly ... and all this is due to taxes and pensions, and this "banquet" continues ...



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