Aircraft IL-76


Israeli fighters watched the Russian Il-76 for an hour and a half, and then struck

Unexpected details of the Israeli provocation against the Russian military aircraft have been revealed.

A group of two Israeli fighters circled for almost an hour and a half in the airspace over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, waiting for the arrival of a Russian military transport aircraft. When the Russian side began to prepare for landing at the Khmeimim airbase, the Israeli pilots unexpectedly fired their cruise missiles in its direction - the latter, as well as the F-16 fighters themselves, were covered from Russian and Syrian air defense systems by a Russian aircraft.

“It was a special operation of the Israeli Air Force - a tactical technique, when under the“ umbrella ”of the enemy a task is performed. Israeli F-16s are capable of staying in their maritime zone of responsibility for up to one and a half hours. The fighters can take off in good time before our plane will fly along the permitted corridors of international routes or over neutral waters. Then a blow is struck "- said the honored military pilot of Russia, Major General Vladimir Popov.

Despite the fact that Israeli fighters are far from the first time they pose a threat to civilian airliners and military aircraft, the world community does not react to such actions and therefore, the likelihood of a repetition of the situation, as with the Russian Il-20, is quite possible.

“When Belarusian air traffic controllers deployed a civilian aircraft because of the information received about the mining of an aircraft, it almost became a crime, however, when Israel fires missiles towards civilian and military aircraft, and even while being in international airspace, for some reason in the world turn a blind eye to it. It is quite simple to solve the problem - Syria has S-300s and it is high time to use them against IDF aircraft. ", - the expert marks.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the provocation of the Israeli Air Force.


1973 The Syrian General Headquarters was destroyed by an Israeli air strike on October 9, 1973, on the fourth day of the Yom Kippur War. The Syrian General Staff Headquarters (GHQ) and adjacent buildings in the center of Damascus were attacked. One after another, seven Phantoms dropped their bomb loads. The upper floors of the Syrian headquarters were damaged, as well as the neighboring Syrian Air Force headquarters, a nearby TV station, a Soviet cultural center and several other buildings in the city's diplomatic quarter. Syria said the strike killed 26 civilians and injured 117, while the Soviet Union said 30 people were killed at its cultural center.
The raid on the Syrian headquarters, as well as on other strategic targets, nevertheless prompted Syria to withdraw air defenses from the front in order to protect its valuable assets, thereby weakening defenses on the front line. The Syrian headquarters and the air force headquarters were forced to move.
Major Arnon Lavoshin was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, Israel's third-highest honor during the war, for his leadership of the raid.

Israel is allowed everything, because the world is ruled by the Jews.

He is silent, afraid.

Can you read? The planes were in neutral waters. They have the right to be located there. And air defense was not used, because our transport aircraft came in for a landing. The Jews, as usual, beat from behind. They do not know otherwise

In 73, the Jews in the attack on Damascus lost all their air forces. On the march near Damascus, there was their tank column without air cover. Israeli aircraft were serviced by US technicians, and in the cockpits the first pilot was an American, and the second or navigator was a Jew.
Israel actually lost the war, but in the course of diplomatic pressure and indecision of the then leadership of Syria and Egypt, they admitted defeat.
The main thing is that, having started military operations, Syria did not coordinate them with the USSR and presented them with a fact.
Low socialization and, as a consequence, the lack of motivation among the Arabs, especially in the armored units and in the infantry, led to the defeat of the Arabs in many advantageous positions for them. This concerned primarily the successful use of Soviet ATGMs and MANPADS

yes, the positions of our Russian group in Syria are very vulnerable. To have such powerful opponents as the United States, Turkey and Israel at the same time is a total blockage. Our leadership has to maneuver. I would even praise Putin for the fact that in such unfavorable strategic conditions he is still

And to this day there is not a single real case about the use of this complex to the point of this cartoon C400. Although, there were so many opportunities for their real application in Syria, in Karabakh ...

Indeed, a place for the whole world. The overpriced S300, and even more so the S400, cannot see enemy aircraft, possibly as a result of electronic warfare systems.

54 years ago, the Six Day Arab-Israeli War began. Israel outwitted Soviet analysts, destroyed the Arab aircraft in a few hours and actually won the war on the very first day. In 1966, a Soviet squadron of three dozen ships, including nuclear-powered submarines, set off for the Mediterranean Sea. Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR Andrei Grechko arrived in Cairo and assured the Egyptian military leaders of the "unbreakable support of the Soviet government." This gave Egypt nuclear protection, but Soviet analysts drew up a different plan. Israel had to be provoked to the first strike in order to declare it an "aggressor" and deprive it of international support. And then decide the outcome of the war in their favor due to the numerical superiority of troops and equipment, as well as due to the fact that Israel would have to fight on several fronts. During two airstrikes on Egyptian bases, 304 aircraft were destroyed, almost everything on the ground. Israel lost nine aircraft and six were seriously damaged. And as a result of an Israeli airstrike on Jordanian and Syrian air force bases at 12:45 on the same day, all 28 aircraft of the Jordanian Air Force and about half of the Syrian Air Force - 53 aircraft were destroyed. 3,5 times. Syria lost the Golan Heights, Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip, and Jordan lost the West Bank.

50 years later: how the Six Day War changed the Middle East
Israeli losses amounted to 776 people (of which 338 on the Sinai front and 183 in the battle for East Jerusalem), another 2563 people were wounded and 15 were captured. 61 tanks and 46 aircraft were destroyed.

The Arab countries, according to the British Institute for Strategic Research, lost about 40 thousand people killed, wounded and captured, about 900 tanks (a third of them were captured in the Sinai in good condition), over a thousand artillery barrels, 452 aircraft, of which 380 were on the ground Egypt suffered the greatest losses: 80% of all available military equipment and military equipment.

In Israeli air strikes on Egyptian and Syrian targets, 35 Soviet military specialists were killed. In an interview with the New York Times on May 8, 1969, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir expressed the opinion that “Moscow bears at least the same responsibility for the 1967 war as Arabs, and maybe even more. "However, after a year and a half, Egypt and Syria again suffered defeat in the" Yom Kippur War. " Gromyko's objections - they say, the Arabs will be offended - dismissed them: "We gave them the latest technology, and they again skimped and yelled to save them. We will not fight for them. I am not going to start a world war because of them." that just three weeks before the start of the war, on September 13, 1973, Israeli pilots celebrated a real success. As a result of air combat in the skies over the border between Lebanon and Syria, 12 MiG-21 aircraft of the Syrian Air Force were shot down. The Israelis withdrew from the battle with virtually no casualties. On October 22, the ceasefire was violated, with each side blaming the other for the violation. By October 24, the Israelis had significantly improved their position and completed the encirclement of the Third Army of Egypt and the city of Suez. This event led to tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, and a second ceasefire was jointly instituted on October 25 to end the war.
Personnel, people 415 * 000 1: 162
Brigades: 33 63 1: 1,9
infantry 18 25 1: 1,4
mechanized 3 15 1: 5
armored vehicles 10 20 1: 2
airborne 2 3 1: 1,5
Tanks 1700 3550 1: 2,1
Guns and mortars 2520 5585 1: 2,2
PU ATGM 240 932 1: 3,9
Combat aircraft 561 1011 1: 1,8
Helicopters 84 197 1: 2,3
ADMS 20 186 1: 9,3
Ships and boats 38 125 1: 3,3 On the Golan Front, Syrian troops received direct support from Soviet technical specialists and military personnel. At the beginning of the war, there were about 2000 Soviet troops in Syria, of which 1000 served in Syrian air defense units. Soviet technicians repaired damaged tanks, air defense systems and radar equipment, assembled fighters that arrived by sea, and transported tanks delivered by sea from ports to Damascus. On both the Golan and Sinai fronts, Soviet troops returned abandoned Israeli military equipment for shipment to Moscow. Soviet advisers were reportedly present at Syrian command posts "on every echelon, from battalion to headquarters." Some Soviet troops fought the Syrians, and it is estimated that 20 people were killed and more were injured.

The blame lies entirely with the command. There is no clear interaction between the Navy, ground-based air defense missile systems, aerospace systems and AWACS systems. It is enough to have a missile cruiser or an equivalent at sea 50-100 miles from the coast, a pair of fighters in the air on duty, And we get the result: AWACS sees everything, then they start working Radars of the Navy, Aerospace Forces and ground-based air defense systems. Nobody canceled the systems of friend or foe, the missiles were destroyed and perhaps the planes that fired missiles at the Russian Armed Forces would have gotten out, wherever they were.

Based on what conclusions were made? Another sofa special has spoken out ...

nothing can be done - otherwise Israel will roll Khmeimim into the desert - he always did this with Soviet advisers

Arthur, you seem to be a very young man. And you cannot know how the Jews destroyed almost all the Egyptian and Syrian aviation, which consisted of Soviet aircraft and air defense systems.

War is delusional politics ...

well, so the Wagnerites are rabble, if you look at it legally. a bunch of militants (so what among them are former military) and that's it

It is unclear whether the transport was shot down or not ??? If this is not a fake, then it is a shame and people are dying for nothing !!!!

I read the comments and was very surprised! In fact, everything is simple: the attack on our plane was PAYED! In Russia, everything is bought and sold !!!

Here Russia can do nothing yet, except to shake a finger. ==== could change the route or even the flight.

Primitive Housewife Reasoning

Sorry, not us, but they

I completely agree that someone in the Kremlin allows the Israelis too much, and why?

It is not enough for us to shoot down Jewish planes, or else we will be a laughing stock for the whole world.

This is possible only as a result of an agreement with the Kremlin traitors.

And what's incomprehensible, RISK FOR MONEY.

And at the moment of landing of their aircraft, the air defense systems are turned off?))

It sounds crazy, where there are hostilities, not to use air defense, because in the air our plane, most importantly, this fact did not stop the Israelis, they worked at 5, and ours simply allowed them to do it. So this is just politics

The burrs will finish badly, oh, and they will finish badly!

Sergei, you have not understood anything. The landing plane has cover, and the Israelis will not do anything bad to our plane, they just hide behind it, taking advantage of the fact that the air defense system cannot work on them, strike at the ground targets of the Syrians.

Well done Seryoga !. I fully support it!

Israeli prime ministers do not get out of Moscow, no one will bang on their planes.

Go Sasha, go, who is keeping you there?

As a layperson, I will say: impunity breeds new crimes. Let's remember the shot down Su-24, who was punished for the lack of fighter escort? Il-20 brought under a rocket by the Israelis, a helicopter in Armenia and so on and so forth ...
The reason for what is happening is the disregard of the command on the combat manual and the lack of punishment for what they did. When aircraft are received by an air base, air cover is needed to prevent the possibility of an attack. Or is it too difficult for the generals who have no analogues in the world?

Once again I wonder where are our fighters?

If it had been in Soviet times, I think Israel would have already lost its aircraft completely.

Weird! Knowing that the Jews were flying and waiting for the Russian plane to hide behind it, like this is not the first time, and to strike at ground targets, and Russia did not take any measures to prevent these provocations!

it was not in vain that they didn’t take on a responsible job before who had relatives abroad

The Israelis are likely to listen to the air traffic control service of the Russian military and know information about all flights. In this regard, it is not difficult to calculate the time of the arrival of a Russian transport aircraft to the airfield and the exit of its aircraft to the line of launching missiles and launching them at Syrian and Iranian targets, hiding behind a transporter from their air defense systems. They deliver strikes, as a rule, without entering the airspace of Syria. Here Russia can do nothing yet, except to shake a finger. This means that our capabilities in this conflict are insufficient to solve all problematic tasks. We are simply trying to cover up the Syrian government with our massive bodies. However, the United States, Turkey and Israel have already realized that the "Russian bear" is not as strong and daring as it is trying to position itself. Therefore, political opponents are beginning to slowly "bite" and "press" him in Syria, the Black Sea and Ukraine. At the same time, all the warnings and demonstrative actions of a military-political nature of the Russian side are called a card term - the Russians are "bluffing."

The reaction of the country's leadership and, in particular, the base is very incomprehensible. After all, this is not the first time. It was enough to raise two fighters when our planes arrived and that was all. Either we are sleeping, or such agreements with the Jews. It's a pity.

The author of the note submits deliberately false information: the Belarusian air traffic controllers landed a civilian plane following an order from the special services to remove the Belarusian dissident from the aircraft, and the information about the mining of the plane was just a trick. So after all, you must be able to lie, and not wishful thinking

This is a transport worker, the routes are known to international dispatchers in advance.

If Russia does not send our military transport aircraft under the pledges of Israel for a missile attack, It will arm the transporters with air-to-air missiles to destroy Israeli aircraft.

yeah, it's just indicative that in the official media there is not a sound about this and what kind of official reaction

in fact, as in the case of IL20
- has anyone heard that Israel was somehow punished for this?
it seems that the leadership does not care about the Russian military and especially the fighters of the PMC, as it was when Lavrov called the rabble of those either 300 or 500 Wagnerians who were killed by the Amers.

Can this "general" confirm his words with screenshots of FL24 or PlaneRadar? Bad for the author :)

Well, okay, they have weapons, not fake show-offs. Whoever has the weapon is right.

As usual, Lavrov will express concern about the actions of our partners.

It is high time to leave there. What are the guys taking risks for?

Firstly, not a single modern fighter will be able to circle in the air for 1,5 hours like a cornman, and secondly, the Russian air defense autonomously monitors all the movements of aircraft in that zone and will never allow anyone to shoot down their sides now. In the worst case, our planes can crash there for technical reasons or for human factors of the pilots.

I wonder how the Israelis knew that a Russian military transport plane would arrive in an hour and a half and were waiting for it?
It is likely that the information was leaked by the honored military pilot of Russia, Major General Vladimir Popov.

We will help Iran to arm itself with the S-400 and drop the DRY.


Timosha, who rules Russia in your country (in your opinion)? "This, that and that" was not ruled in Russia and, I hope, never will be, these are all "Western values"

Yes, it’s not forging a victory on the couch.

For the Russian bear, it can be overkill twice, but for the Russian elite, as many say, as much is the norm

For an hour and a half, the radar tracked two Israeli fighters approaching the airbase and no measures were taken to protect our approaching aircraft! And what prevented our flight from being lifted into the air in order to drive away the provocateurs? It turns out that they did not learn any lessons from the destruction of the Il-20, although the tactics of the Israelis have not changed!

So what is this wretched information? What happened to the plane? Ah, nothing happened? Then where did the Israelis launch the missiles? Ah, to the warehouses of terrorists from Iran for Hezbollah terrorists? And what was so timidly told, hiding the essence? Not smart enough?

such an order against Jews can only be given by a Russian person. and unas who rules Russia? .. that's it.

For the Russian bear, twice is too much.