Israeli fighters covered from the Syrian S-200 air defense systems with two passenger liners

IDF fighters were covered by passenger airliners during the night attack on Syria.

Israel has tried to repeat a dangerous situation similar to that in which a Russian Il-20 military aircraft was shot down. According to Russian journalists, during the raid on the Syrian province of Homs, Israeli combat aircraft were covered by two passenger airliners at once - Airbus A310, flight number A-532 Baghdad - Damascus and Airbus A310 flight number A-429 Dubai - Beirut. It is for this reason that the Syrian military did not use the available S-200 complexes to attack Israeli aircraft.

The Israeli attack succeeded in shooting down only a few missiles, but this time the material damage and casualties of the attack by the Israeli Air Force were significantly greater than in the previous attack.

In turn, in response to such a provocation, the Operational Headquarters of the allied forces of Syria made a decision retaliate with missile strikes against the Al-Tanf area, where the American military is located, which, it is alleged, could also take part in the attack on the province of Homs, as well as on Israeli territory.

Considering the fact that Iran had earlier transferred precision weapons to Syria, the consequences for Israel and the United States could be very serious. Moreover, both the Pentagon and the Israel Defense Forces took such a threat very seriously. In particular, there was closed airspace over the Golan Heights, and the sky in the area of ​​American military installations is constantly patrolled by military aircraft.

1) If there was a raid (a violent civil war has been going on in Syria for many years, and Israel is often credited with the actions of its full-fledged participants), then a preventive-defensive raid - on military facilities of Iranian proxies. But in the Russian pro-Arab portrayal, it again looks like "the aggression of the Israeli military"
2) Let the author and the publishers of the note prove that these are indeed Israelis and that they really deliberately covered themselves with civil liners (the Russians, of course, did not prove a similar accusation three years ago, mentioned in the note, either).

And Alexander and "Putin" confuse Israel with Hamas and other "Palestinian" allies of Russia, who constantly cynically use their own civilian population as a human shield against Israeli defense and retaliation.

And when in the sky over Israel, is it possible?

Now the strikes will be applied to the area in Syria where the US troops are located. For each strike by an Israeli, strikes will be delivered to the US forces.

Good idea for Israel. When there are passenger planes in the sky of Syria, you can safely attack the Iranian trainers.

"Jews". And that's it.