Zrpk shell


Israeli fighters flew right over the Shell-S missile system. A photo

Israeli warplanes flew right over the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, unnoticed.

According to information provided by the Israeli information resource NZIV, during the attacks on the Syrian city of Abu Kemal, as a result of which 18 soldiers were killed, and 38 were injured in various ways, Israeli combat aircraft, and we are talking about F-35 ( according to experts), the fighters flew right over the positions of the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, but were never seen.

As follows from a peculiar map of military operations, Israeli military aircraft successfully flew directly over Damascus International Airport, where, according to some reports, at least three Pantsir-S air defense missile systems were deployed.

Despite the fact that military aircraft were not only in the identification zone, but also in the radius of destruction of these air defense systems, the aircraft could not be found, which caused a lot of questions to these complexes.

It should be clarified that the Panzir-S air defense missile systems delivered by Russia to Syria have already demonstrated problems with repelling Israeli missile attacks, as a result of which at least two air defense missile systems were destroyed, and earlier these air defense systems were quite strongly criticized for their low efficiency in repelling missile attacks.

all that is noticed and conditionally destroyed is rubber products, otherwise the photo would have been clearly visible and not smeared as seen

If missiles are fired from the Kremlin from Kiev, will the aircraft probably fly there to destroy the enemy, or do you have a different logic?

You do not know the story well. Israel is at war with Syria, and it was Syria that started the war. Beginning and now raking. I hope that the Soviet Army crossing the border of Nazi Germany did not raise any questions for you?

You must first drive the Jews out of the Kremlin, and then drive them into Syria.

Photoshop! The angle of shooting does not match the photo from a height!

On all the video facts that I watched earlier about the destruction of Russian shells, etc. it was evident that the equipment was either in marching mode or not activated "for battle" !!! Therefore, it was destroyed as an ordinary target. But why such a precedent was created, this is a question for the military and ground-based air reconnaissance services, and for the vaunted VKS, which "does not see the whole eye" from space, does not see a dick! But all the same, it seems to me that there are those "activated" Carapace. questions on their relevance to those. characteristics. No matter how there are military tests of new equipment going on, and only in battle you can find out all its shortcomings. This has always been the case in all wars.

I wonder why Israel crosses the border of another country on military aircraft and still bombing or shooting targets - did they learn from the Americans? And the Russian military amazes with its stupidity - there is no use for the Shell, clean up, put proven complexes and drive the insolents in the tail and mane - do not disgrace the country's prestige.


And did his ammunition come out, most likely, after the mark of firing? Yeah.
By the way, anti-aircraft guns are not targets for aircraft. If the air defense systems are quiet, they are not touched, but bombed by what they planned.
Two Shells (and not one) decided to speak, they are not there. And the rest, more modest, live and rejoice.

If the Turks buy our planes, then this is all fake

Even after being accepted into service, I saw this air defense missile system at the test site at work, then they tested the Shell-Dan-M UAV on our targets, this air defense system was never able to hit our drone. Also back then, this ZRPK was tested against drones that are now actively used in Syria, against them it was also completely useless, they could not be shot down with either guns or missiles. Along the way, the Shell was never brought to mind, I think to this day this ZRPK is useless against cruise missiles and modern aircraft.

Well, what do you want ?! Is a country with backward electronics against ultra-modern technology?
This PanzYr has been dipped in shit for a long time, they don’t see any drones, and even about the F-35 it’s even a shame to ask. The lobbyists who needed to be put in Moscow - and this abomination went to the troops and for export.

While getting up from your knees distracted attention

they didn’t know that they were rubber models; they weren’t there long ago some models would fly off

You personally attended and watched the incident with your own eyes, right? Therefore, with such confidence you declare? And if you were not present, then what is your aplomb based on? About the finished ammunition of the Shell - this is just a fantasy and nothing more. The usual excuse.
But the fact that Israeli planes this time were bombed not from Lebanon, but from the airspace of Syria itself is a fact that says a lot, including that the stealth still works despite all the cries of its insolvency.

this is a fake shot! the Israelis do not fly where the shell is and destroyed one shell when it had ammunition left. and the picture shows a very blurry Amer’s inflatable layout!



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