Israeli pilots refuse to fly Netanyahu to London over judicial reform protests

The pilots refused to take the Israeli Prime Minister to London, disrupting Netanyahu's visit to the UK.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to postpone his visit to the UK "for technical reasons." As it turned out, the pilots refused to serve the plane, on board of which the Israeli prime minister would be present, which was caused by protests against judicial reform.

At the moment, it is known that absolutely all the pilots spoke out against servicing the aircraft with the Israeli Prime Minister on board. As a result, the latter was offered to fly either on a regular flight, which would obviously create a lot of problems for Netanyahu due to a negative attitude towards the newly elected head of the Israeli government, or to look for a different solution to the current problem.

It should be noted that such a situation has developed for the Prime Minister of Israel for the first time. However, in general, in Israel itself, there are numerous protests against judicial reform. This may well lead to the fact that the Israeli prime minister will lose his post in the near future.


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