Israeli tanks entered the center of Rafah


Israeli tanks entered the center of Rafah

Israeli tanks entered the center of Rafah, the Reuters news agency reported. Over the past 24 hours, four Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) brigades have begun to expand their ground operations in the area, moving into new territory in a northwesterly direction, all the way to the city center.

The operation involves the 401st Armored Brigade, the Nahal Brigade, the 12th Brigade and the Bislah Brigade, which entered Rafah at night. These units are moving deeper into the city to tighten control over the region.

Concurrent with ground operations, additional IDF units operate along the Philadelphia Corridor on the Egyptian border. The goal of these actions is to neutralize Hamas tunnels that are used for weapons smuggling.

The Rafah offensive is part of a broader military operation aimed at suppressing Hamas activity in the Gaza Strip. However, due to the threat to civilians, Israel's actions are condemned by the international community.


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