The Israeli Air Force tried to frame the Russian military in Syria, but the S-400 got down to business

Israel wanted the Russian military to shoot down a civilian plane.

The Israeli military is once again taking openly terrorist actions, which are expressed not only in an attack on Syrian territory, but also in attempts to achieve the destruction of civil aircraft in the skies over Lebanon, Syria and the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Last night, Israel tried to frame the Russian military by striking Syrian territory and hiding behind three civilian aircraft, however, thanks to the fact that the situation was completely controlled by Russian S-400s, the tragedy was avoided.

Israeli fighter jets launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory tonight. Most of the missiles were successfully destroyed. During its attack, Israel was covered by civilian aircraft flying over the territory of Syria, Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in connection with which several targets were never shot down.



This is not the first time the Israeli side has used such tactics, but, apparently, this time Israel tried to frame Russia, since a few weeks ago it became known that the Syrian troops were able to successfully repel 13 of the 14 missiles fired at Syria thanks to aid Russian military.

It is known that due to Israeli actions, the Beirut International Airport was forced to stop working, and the Cham Wings aircraft, which was in Syrian airspace, was taken to the north, apparently with the planned landing of the liner at the Khmeimim airbase.

“This is a blatant act of terrorism that needs investigation. Perhaps ICAO should pay attention to such actions of Israel ", - the expert comments on the situation.

Well, Israel is a terrorist organization. The country is based on a foreign country and for 70 years it has been capturing even more foreign lands, destroying the population.

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the state of Israel arose as a result of the terror of the Zionists in the territory of Palestine

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