Consequences of blows


Israeli high-precision missiles turned out to be completely ineffective - out of 650 strikes, they only hit 50 targets of the IDF

Israeli precision weapons have shown extremely low efficiency.

Despite the fact that Israel is armed with a large number of precision weapons, the use of these weapons against members of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip demonstrated the utter futility of using this weapon and its complete ineffectiveness.

In the early days of the armed conflict, Gaza was hit by 650 strikes, according to IDF official figures, however, much more remarkable is the fact that the Israeli forces managed to eliminate only about 50 members of the Hamas movement, while the destruction was simple colossal.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Israel's precision weapons could not cope with the tasks set, since as a result of the Israeli strikes, more civilians died than members of the radical movement, and this is provided that Hamas does not have effective means of countering Israeli strikes.

“More than 650 targets were hit in the Gaza Strip. At least 50 Hamas and ID functionaries were liquidated "- said in the message of the Israeli army.

According to experts, with such a ratio of strikes to the real number of targets eliminated, there can be no talk of any effectiveness.