Israeli F-16I attacked Turkish ship with Delilah missiles

An Israeli F-16I fighter attacked a Turkish ship with Delilah anti-radar missiles.

A serious complication in relations between Israel and Turkey led to the fact that the Israeli Air Force F-16 fighters were spotted in the area of ​​the Turkish sea vessel Yavuz, which, according to a military source, carried out anti-radar missile attacks, which could be due to Tel Aviv's concern that with the help of Russian air defense systems, conventional missiles can be intercepted.

“Israeli F-16Is flew over the Turkish Yavuz oil and gas drilling ship in the eastern Mediterranean. They probably practice using Delilah cruise missiles during the war!”- says Babak Tagway.

According to publicly available resources, several hours ago, in the area where the Turkish ship “Yavuz” was located, active flights by Israeli military aircraft were actually noticed, and quite remarkable is the fact that at the time of the incident, there was also an electronic reconnaissance aircraft in the same area, which could monitor the operation of Turkish air defense and missile defense systems, including those deployed on ships.

It should be noted that a day before the incident, a Turkish warship displaced an Israeli sea vessel from the Cyprus area, which, most likely, led to the response of Tel Aviv.