Israeli F-35 failed to shoot down a Lebanese drone in four attacks due to the suppression of weapons systems

An Israeli F-35 fighter jet has repeatedly encountered suppression of its weapons systems.

According to an Iranian journalist, an Israeli F-35 fighter was raised to intercept Lebanese drones launched towards the Karish platform in the Mediterranean, however, despite four attacks on drones, the fifth-generation combat aircraft could not hit the UAV - the reason for everything was failure of drone weapon systems.

According to information provided by Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin, during a recent attempt by Lebanese groups to attack the Karish platform in the Mediterranean, an Israeli F-35 fighter was unable to cope with the combat mission. A similar situation was observed about a week ago, when two Israeli F-35 fighters failed to hit ground targets with an aircraft cannon - the miss was from 6 to 10 meters. This is extremely high for a fifth generation combat aircraft. Due to problems with intercepting drones, a group of F-16 fighters were later sent to intercept the drones, which managed to successfully shoot down the drones.

Israel Air Force called in F-16s after F-35s failed to shoot down Hezbollah drones over Karish platform- said Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

Experts note that in both the first and second cases, the weapons systems of the F-35 fighters could be exposed to electronic interference. In particular, we can talk about replacing the same GPS coordinates with electronic warfare systems even by a small amount.