Israeli "fake": video of the explosion in Damascus turned out to be fake

Syria denied the success of the Israeli attack - a video of the explosion was made in 2018 year.

A series of powerful explosions that thundered in the vicinity of Damascus is really connected with the attacks of the Israeli Air Force on the Syrian Arab Republic, however, the video frames themselves were shot back in September 2018, in connection with which Israel was accused of damaging false information in Damascus.

“Zionist journalist Shimon Aran posted a video about Israeli aggression last night around the perimeter of Damascus, which was distributed by controlled media in order to mislead the world. It is alleged that it was filmed yesterday and that the targets were successfully hit, while the video is related to Israel’s previous aggression in 2018. ”- reports the Syrian news agency "SANA».

As it turned out, the Israeli attack was successfully repulsed

“Yesterday at 11: 30, our air defense system responded to enemy targets flying from the Golan Heights in the vicinity of Damascus, and effectively coped with aggression”, - the newspaper reports.

Specialists, in turn, pay attention to the fact that this is not the first "fake" distributed by Israeli journalists, which indicates the fact that the Syrian air defense systems are quite effective.