Israeli IAI Heron found itself in the affected area of ​​MiG-29 and Buk-M2E

Due to its curiosity, the Israeli IAI Heron drone almost fell victim to MiG-29 fighters and Buk-M2E complexes.

According to information available to the news agency, the Israeli military unmanned aerial vehicle IAI Heron conducted a rather provocative military operation near the deployment areas of the Libyan National Army. The drone flew for a long time near the Libyan coast and although it did not violate the airspace of this North African country, due to Israeli curiosity, the latter almost fell victim to MiG-29 fighters and Buk-M2E complexes in service with the LNA. It is noteworthy that the Israeli drone was broadcasting inaccurate information using helicopter codes.

The circumstances of the provocation committed by the Israeli military so far remain unknown, however, earlier it became known about a number of disagreements between Libya and Israel regarding zones in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Libyan National Army is armed with at least four MiG-29 fighters, which, as previously stated, were transferred to the LNA forces by the Russian side, in addition, it is also known that the Libyan National Army is armed with Buk-M2E complexes. , which proved to be excellent in the fight against unmanned aerial targets, arranging a real defeat by the Turkish attack and reconnaissance UAV "Bayraktar TB2", and given the distance to the LNA positions, the Israeli Air Force drone could well have been destroyed.