An Israeli air defense complex shot down a Su-22 fighter over Syria. Video

A Syrian fighter was shot down over Syria by an Israeli air defense system.

Despite the emergence of information that the Syrian Air Force Su-22 fighter was destroyed over the territory of the Arab Republic by an Israeli F-16 fighter, it became known that this was done by an Israeli anti-aircraft missile system. The fighter's crew was killed, and judging by the video footage presented, neither the crew nor the aircraft itself had a single chance.

In the video footage presented, you can see the last seconds of the flight of the Syrian Su-22 fighter, which was lost as a result of the IDF's aggression. An anti-aircraft guided missile successfully hit the aircraft, leaving a strip of fire in the sky, while the fighter did not threaten the neighboring state and was in Syrian airspace.

Judging by the video footage, the attack was carried out from a relatively short distance, and, probably, a short-range air defense system could be used for this.

To date, this is far from the first aggression of a neighboring country against Syria, and, for no apparent reason, and judging by the fact that the situation has not changed at all even with the appearance of the S-300 systems in service with the CAA, this loss could be far from the Syrian Air Force. not the last.

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The Black Sea is not an internal sea of ​​the Russian Federation and the right to conduct exercises is provided for by international law, but the law is not written to the Kremlin, this is the principle of life and behavior of the St. Petersburg lads.