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Israeli plane attacked by unknown electronic warfare near the border of Syria

An unknown electronic warfare system attacked an Israeli military aircraft.

A few hours ago, the Israeli military staged another provocation near the border of Lebanon and Syria, apparently collecting information for further strikes on the Arab republic. Nevertheless, the work of the Israeli military aircraft was quite severely interfered with by an unknown electronic warfare system, apparently purposefully jamming the military aircraft and preventing the latter from performing the operation.

In the presented image (published by SAM user - approx. you can see the process of carrying out a reconnaissance mission by an Israeli military aircraft. The abrupt change in the location of the Israeli military aircraft indicates a powerful electronic suppression, which could only be carried out from the territory of Syria. This indicates the fact that Damascus has begun to provide multi-level protection for its military, including for this and electronic warfare units.

The SAA is indeed armed with electronic warfare systems, and the latter are also available in the Iranian military. The most powerful impact can only be provided by Russian electronic countermeasures, which are deployed at least at the Khmeimim airbase and the Russian naval base in Tartus.

It seems that the Avia-pro website has its own people in the General Staff of the Israeli Army. And there is carat and information. But for some reason they do not write that "Israeli provocation" is a response to 19 missiles fired from Lebanese territory. Or is this the way it should be?



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