The Merkava tank was knocked out


Israeli tank "Merkava" destroyed from Russian ATGM "Kornet". Video

The Palestinians managed to destroy the Israeli tank "Merkava".

An attempt by the Israeli military to launch a military ground operation in the Gaza Strip failed after Hamas forces directly fired an anti-tank missile to destroy the Israeli Merkava tank. Taking into account the data previously published by the news agency, this is the second Israeli tank destroyed by Hamas in recent days, however, much more remarkable is the fact that the heavy combat vehicle was hit, allegedly from the Russian Kornet ATGM. , as reported by the source, who published the corresponding video frames.

"Israeli tank" Merkava "destroyed by 9M133" Cornet "", - said in the message to the published video.



In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of destruction of an Israeli tank transported to the border with the Gaza Strip, while experts pay attention to the fact that the damage to the combat vehicle is quite serious, although the detonation of the ammunition of the Israeli tank was avoided, but the turret rotated 90 degrees allows claim that the strike from the Russian anti-tank missile was extremely powerful.

Earlier, the resource already reported that one of the Israeli tanks "Merkava" was knocked out during the strikes of the IDF on the Gaza Strip, however, no objective materials were provided on this score.

Initially, the "merkava" (in translation - chariot) was built as a comfortable armed vehicle for a war with underdeveloped neighbors ... And it was not even assumed that it would be fired at from an ATGM.

With such a combustion, the entire tank will burn out, which is only for remelting. The BC could be absent altogether, or it could detonate after, the video is short.

The barrel of the gun is in the usual position for the Merkava, straight ahead and slightly downward. This is the transport and non-combat position of the Merkava gun barrel. Turns 90 degrees. not.
But it burns, good. Wonderful.