Israel's "Iron Dome" has become the most effective air defense system in the world, with a 97% success rate of intercepts.

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system repelled 97% of missiles fired by radical Islamists.

In less than two days since the start of the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip, it became known that 780 rockets and rockets were fired into Israel. The vast majority of missiles were successfully destroyed by Israeli air defense systems, which made it possible to avoid destruction and casualties on the territory of the Jewish state.

According to Israel Defense Forces sources, a total of 780 rockets were fired, 180 rockets fell in the Gaza Strip (killing 14 Palestinians, 18 injured), 330 fell in areas of no particular importance and were not subject to interception, and another 270 interceptions were made when trying to attack Israeli cities. With an almost 97% success rate, the Iron Dome is the highest in the history of the use of such a complex, which makes it one of the most effective in the world.

Despite the announced truce, the leaders of the Islamic Jihad (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed. note) announced that they would continue to attack Israel and to date, more than 850 missiles have already been fired at the territory of the Jewish state, while According to various sources, up to 4 missiles of various types may be in service with Palestinian radicals.



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