The Israeli air defense missile system "Iron Dome" nearly shot down a Ukrainian Boeing 737 approaching Tel Aviv.

Ukrainian Boeing 737 was hit by the Israeli air defense system "Iron Dome".

The Israeli military opened fire with its Iron Dome air defenses at a Ukrainian Boeing 737 passenger plane that was to land at Tel Aviv airport. It is known that Israeli complexes intercepted missiles fired from the Gaza Strip, but no one warned Ukrainian pilots about the existing danger, and given that about 75% of Israeli anti-missiles never hit their targets, the probability of hitting the plane was critically large.

According to the data available to the news agency, the Ukrainian passenger airliner was only 20-25 kilometers from Tel Aviv, and therefore the likelihood of a direct hit on a passenger plane was very high, not to mention the fact that that the missile that missed could explode and hit the plane with shrapnel.

For what reason, the Ukrainian air port was not promptly notified that landing at Tel Aviv airport was impossible due to the work of Israeli air defense / missile defense systems - it is not known, however, due to the actions of the Israeli military aircraft with more than a hundred passengers on board, barely was not shot down.