Cruise missile


Having studied the S-400, Turkey began to develop an anti-radar missile

Turkey has begun developing an anti-radar missile capable of bypassing the S-400 radars.

Having adopted the Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, Turkey has begun to develop a new cruise anti-radar missile, which, taking into account the studied Russian air defense systems, can be used to combat the S-400 systems.

At the moment, it is known that the AKBABA anti-radar missile will be one of the types of weapons being developed in Turkey for the fifth generation TF-X fighter. At the same time, taking into account current information, the new missile can be exported to other NATO countries, especially since the North Atlantic Alliance is interested in weapons capable of fighting Russian weapons.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that if the Turkish military and took possession of any valuable information about the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, this does not mean at all that the missiles being developed will be able to fight the versions of air defense systems located on armament of Russia. Considering the fact that areas with deployed Triumphs are covered by short and medium-range air defense systems, this makes it possible to shoot down an anti-radar missile several tens of kilometers away from the target.

Is it for the Armenians ?? Of course, everything is not enough for you, do not worry, the additive will be ...

And the tail is with them, all export weapons are very different from what we have at our combat post.

they did it right. How many times did the Turks cheat, everything is not enough for us ...

Absolutely correct!

Um, starting to create and creating are two different things. And Russia supplies armaments in an export profile with a cut in characteristics by about 40% .. Well, think .. The United States, having 30 years of S-300, has not been able to create a worthy analogue to this day

If you are not aware, then all the weapons sold over the hill have an export passport, that is, they are heavily slaughtered in terms of characteristics, in contrast to the same weapons that are in service with us. Perhaps the missile will be effective against the S-400, which are in service with China and India, but it is unlikely to be effective against our complexes.

Interestingly, Putin himself guessed to sell the S-400, or he was advised.

As far as we managed to find out about the S-400 because of all the media and "noises" associated with the "S-400", it is clear that it does not operate at the same frequency and can simulate frequencies by faking the "working" ones, and the performance characteristics of the S-400 in The Russian version probably differs more than the knowledge of "Password" and "Silicon".
A missile in the performance of options capable of bypassing the S-400 is a beautiful and expensive advertisement for, again, expensive missiles.
Since there are no impenetrable systems, but there is an echeloned air defense, which is very difficult to overcome with terrestrial technology.
By the way, in EUROPE there is nothing similar only "Patrot" and "MK-41" (probably not air defense at all, but a platform for cruise missiles)



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