The most famous Syrian terrorist refused to go to Ukraine.

Abu Al-Tow changed his mind about going to Ukraine.

The well-known Syrian terrorist Suheil Muhammad, nicknamed Abu Al-Tow, in honor of the American TOW anti-tank missile system, who successfully hit more than 146 targets with American anti-tank systems, refused to go to Ukraine, contrary to his earlier formidable statements of intent to "destroy mountains of Russian tanks."

The Syrian terrorist announced his intentions to come to Ukraine back in March 2022, emphasizing that it makes no difference to him where to use anti-tank systems to hit targets.

“As a fighter with experience in the use of a variety of anti-tank weapons, I can destroy any target that catches my eye and I promise the Ukrainian people my full support in their struggle for freedom. I also promise Russian troops carrying out aggression against the people of Ukraine - they will see no mercy from me, only mountains of Russian tanks and armored vehicles, as soon as I get into Ukraine., - said in March last year, a Syrian terrorist.

However, for a year, the Syrian militant did not come to Ukraine, apparently realizing that he would not be able to hold out even for several weeks in a conflict with Russian troops, for which, in his yesterday's message on social networks, he was ridiculed in the comments to his own post .


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