The Jerusalem Post: Israeli army strikes in the Gaza Strip

In response to an attempted shelling of Israeli territory, the Israeli army launched attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The attack of the radical Palestinians did not bring any success - the rockets fired fell outside the settlements, and therefore the air raid alert was not even turned on in Israel. However, the response of the IDF turned out to be much more serious - as a result of strikes on the territory of the Gaza Strip, an weapons workshop was destroyed, as well as a tunnel used to hide the radicals and covertly move them. Information on this subject is provided by the Israeli edition of The Jerusalem Post.

"The Israel Defense Forces carried out strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night after a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel earlier in the night.", according to an Israeli newspaper.

The reason for the attack by the Palestinians was the actions of the Israeli army to detain a group of Palestinians, as well as the recent murder of one of the Palestinians, which, by the way, Israel itself decided not to comment on.


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