By 2030, Russia will receive a sixth generation fighter

The sixth generation fighter will be in service with Russia until 2030.

Despite the fact that the Russian military is just beginning to receive fifth-generation fighters for service (in particular, by the end of this year, the Russian Aerospace Forces will have five Su-57 fighters) by 2030, Russia will begin to arm itself with sixth-generation fighters.

Today, the Russian military is not only completing the development of this combat aircraft, but, in fact, preparing for the start of the first tests. First of all, we are talking about an unmanned version of the Su-75 light fighter. Despite the fact that at the moment the Su-75 fighter has not received a classification, it can already be attributed to a 5+ generation combat aircraft, and taking into account the fact that the fighter will also receive a completely unmanned version capable of operating practically without an operator, the aircraft easily pretends for the title of the sixth generation fighter.

The Su-75 fighter itself is planned to be adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces until 2025-2026, however, as for the unmanned version, there may be some time delays. This is primarily due to the fact that such an aircraft is being developed for the first time, which may require additional tests and technical improvements. Nevertheless, today Russia is the only country in the world that has already openly announced the creation of a prototype of the sixth generation fighter.

And where did you get the idea that the 5th generation is determined by these criteria

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The 6th generation is not a single aircraft. The fighter is only part of the system of "shared use of networked cyber platforms and interconnected families of various kinds of vehicles." The 6th generation in the United States (NGAD) is being developed in 5 areas: new engines, network-centric technologies, AI, cyber weapons and directed energy weapons.

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That's what they say))

It is completely unclear by what criteria a su 57 is an aircraft of the 5th generation?))) Inconspicuousness is not good, no one has seen the internal compartments, the engine is not ready for supersonic sound, there is no flying pile of scrap metal

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