Azerbaijan was involved in liquidation of Iranian scientist

Azerbaijan was involved in the elimination of the Iranian scientist.

The Azerbaijani authorities can be directly involved in the elimination of the leading Iranian expert and scientist Fakhrizadeh, who is responsible for the development of the Islamic republic's nuclear program. Experts drew attention, first of all, to the fact that the Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle used by the Israeli intelligence service "Mossad" could enter Iran only through the airspace of Azerbaijan, especially since Iran had previously expressed assumptions that a number of strikes on targets countries were inflicted by Israeli drones from the territory of neighboring Azerbaijan, which is especially important against the background of the rather close relations between Baku and Tel Aviv.

According to the Iranian side, the scientist's vehicle was shot using an unmanned aerial vehicle. Apparently, we are talking about a rather large drone that could be airlifted from Azerbaijan to Iran through the airspace over the Caspian Sea.

Tehran said that Tel Aviv is behind the elimination of the scientist, however, this does not at all exclude the possible "help" from Azerbaijan, especially after the Iranian side struck a number of attacks on the positions of the Azerbaijani military during the conflict in Karabakh.

I am amazed at the "deep" knowledge of the author of the topic of the ended Karabakh war. Especially in this place, his divergent fantasy "... the Iranian side struck a number of blows on the positions of the Azerbaijani military during the conflict in Karabakh." Wow, what a holy ignorance: accidental flights of shells into Iran from the Azerbaijani side did take place during the battles with the Armenian Armed Forces on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border, but not vice versa. Moreover, neither then nor after that these incidents caused serious statements from the Iranian side, since they did not bring any casualties or any serious damage to the sparsely populated territories of these regions. The author is apparently haunted by friendly Iranian-Azerbaijani bilateral relations.

Haha, well, nonsense!))

When Iran secretly allowed Russia to send all weapons and military equipment to Armenia through the same Caspian Sea and through Iran, why should Azerbaijan give up its friendly country? But I will say this; Azerbaijan does not climb into someone else's conflict, it has enough for its own, and they write all sorts of nonsense in order for readers to somehow have an anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish opinion. This can only help pro-Armenian separatists for complacency.