An American plane brazenly approached Russian bases in Syria, but its crew regretted it

An American military aircraft tried to approach Russian military bases at the height of the battle for Aleppo, but the crew quickly regretted it.

Another attempt by the US military to provoke near Russian military bases on the Syrian coast led to rather harsh response from Russia. The incident occurred less than a day ago when the Syrian, Russian and Iranian armies launched an assault on Aleppo, which the Americans obviously tried to take by sending a plane to Russian military bases. However, after only a few minutes, the crew of the US Navy Lockheed EP-3 Aries regretted this very seriously - he was harshly intercepted by Russian combat aircraft.

According to the Twitter account Last Defender, an American military plane was intercepted today near the Russian military base in Tartus. It is reported that there is no evidence of this information, however, at the same time, the Telegram-operative line community reports that there really was an interception.

“Today, at 16.48 Moscow time, the Russian Air Force airborne fighter on duty, estimated Su-35, from the Khmeimim air base, Syria, performed the procedures defined by the regulations for identifying and escorting the EP-3E Aries II electronic intelligence aircraft working with its dark mission in the eastern Mediterranean seas. The starting point for the procedures was almost on the traverse of the Syrian Tartus, 19 miles from the coastline. ”, - the community cites data.

It is noteworthy that there is also some evidence that Russian warships launched cruise missiles on the eve of the day against terrorist forces in the Aleppo region, in connection with which, an American military aircraft could track the Russian fleet.

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