Aircraft Carrier Harry Truman


The largest American aircraft carrier headed for Russian military bases in Syria

The US Navy sent its largest aircraft carrier to Russian military bases in Syria.

An American aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Harry Truman nuclear carrier has passed the Strait of Gibraltar and is currently heading straight for Russian military bases along the Syrian coast. Experts do not exclude that provocations directed against Syria and Iran may be the key goal of the appearance of the largest aircraft carrier here.

“The USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier group (ACG) includes a missile cruiser, several destroyers, and a Tomahawk cruise missile nuclear submarine from the sixth fleet of the US Navy, whose area of ​​responsibility, including the Mediterranean Sea. According to reports, the carrier with escort ships will be off the coast of Syria for some time with uncertain tasks, after which it will go to the Persian Gulf, where it will be replaced by the USS aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, which, due to the unfavorable situation with the state of the US carrier fleet, is in the Middle East longer than planned ”, - informs the news agency "Military Observer».

It should be clarified that in recent years the United States has been increasingly cooling relations with Iran, which, fortunately, is present on the territory of Syria, however, analysts believe that the presence of Russian warships and submarines in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea will become a serious obstacle for the American fleet, not to mention military aviation means concentrated at the Khmeimim airbase.

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