Kadyrov announced the arrest in the Kherson region of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs who were preparing terrorist attacks

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian saboteurs who were preparing terrorist attacks were captured.

According to the head of the Chechen Republic, Russian servicemen managed to detect and successfully neutralize a group of Ukrainian saboteurs. The latter intended to carry out a series of terrorist attacks on the left bank of the Kherson region.

“Saboteurs who planned to carry out subversive activities in the liberated territories were detained. The command of our special forces has already received valuable information from them, which they plan to use against Ukrainian nationalists in the near future.”- said Ramzan Kadyrov.

Any other details on this subject have not yet been announced. However, it is known that residents of the left-bank part of the Kherson region are actively cooperating with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including by transmitting information about the location and movement of Russian troops, which creates an additional threat.


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