Kuzminov hijacking a Russian APU helicopter


“What Judas did...”: The father of the traitor helicopter pilot Kuzminov condemned his son’s act

The father of the Russian pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who hijacked an Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine, expressed his attitude towards his son’s act, comparing him with the actions of Judas and calling him a traitor. The events related to the hijacking of the aircraft occurred in August 2023, when Kuzminov, according to him, carried out the task of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“What Judas did... Nowhere did either side respect a traitor. A traitor is a traitor. They probably saw in him a colleague, a real brother, and this is betrayal...”- said Sivaev.

Oleg Sivaev, the father of the pilot, shared with reporters that he learned about the death of his son from the news and admitted that he was not surprised by what happened, expecting such an outcome for the traitor.

“Of course, I expected this to happen to him. Nowhere did either side respect a traitor,” - he noted, emphasizing the general disdain for traitors on both sides of the conflict.

Sivaev also expressed regret for those who were on the same team with his son, expressing his pity for them, and not for his son. Oleg Sivaev’s last meeting with Maxim took place in 2013, when he informed his father about his training in the West and work as a pilot.


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