It would not have to fall: the American F-35 flew to Russian air bases in Syria

The United States deployed its F-35 fighters to Russian air bases in Syria.

Against the background of the strengthening of the Russian military presence in Syria, and the deployment of additional military bases, fifth-generation American fighters were spotted relatively close to Russian military facilities in the SAR. One of the reasons for this is the US attempt to maintain its influence in the region, however, given the appearance of a large Russian military air base in the north-eastern part of the Arab Republic, Moscow will create very serious problems for Washington.

Currently, it is known that the US Air Force F-35 fighter jets are being flown to the Al-Dafra airbase in the UAE, however, it is noteworthy that it was from these airbases that the American "stealth" flew into the airspace of the ATS.

“According to reports, on May 20, an F-35 squadron of the 388th and 419th wings of the US Air Force was deployed at the Al-Dafra air base in the UAE. This is the third deployment in 12 months when the F-35 fighter from Hill Air Force Base was deployed in the Middle East. ”- сообщает Huan Qiu Edition.

It is noteworthy that the third transfer of fifth-generation American fighters to the Middle East is still not explained, however, experts say that in reality they do not pose a real threat, because according to earlier statements, the Russian over-the-horizon radar “Container”, located in Mordovia, it is able to detect "stealth" from a distance of several thousand kilometers.


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