How to spend $ 500 to inflict $ 100 million in damage to an opponent. Video

The colossal losses of the Syrian army have led to the use of drones.

Military journalists again drew attention to the fact that drone combat is extremely effective. An example of this is the most real emergency, which turned out to be $ 100 million in damage for the Syrian army in just a few minutes, when the jihadists used a small drone worth about $ 500.

“Let's go back to the graphic example that sometimes the ingenuity of the enemy, who is equipped with the worst weapons against you, can inflict damage on you that is many times greater than the cost of an attack. A striking example of this is the attack from a quadcopter on the Deir ez-Zor stadium. As the guys from ANNA NEWS noticed, it blazed long and hard. Saved by the fact that all this was in the box of the stadium. Here is our photo before the attack took place. And this is another photo of us after it began to subside. As for the accuracy of the militants, they have learned to throw mines from quadcopters perfectly, an example in one of our videos. A breath of wind saved me from the 200s. Everyone somehow scored on the burnt-out equipment and with shining eyes looked at the endless BC fireworks from mortars to BM-21 "Grad", trying to drive away from themselves the thought that all the personal equipment left behind, personal belongings and a rather large amount of money", - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL", publishing the corresponding video.

The drones inflicted no less damage in Karabakh, in particular, in just a month the Armenian army suffered losses totaling about $ 2,7 billion, which corresponds to the average daily damage of exactly the same $ 100 million.

“Judging by how drones are successfully used in armed conflicts, destroying air defense positions, fortifications, etc., this direction will actively develop, and in the near future the conflicts will probably be conducted remotely until one of the parties is completely exhausted. Russia is less actively developing the means of unmanned aircraft, however, with the appearance of the same Orion and Hunter, the situation may change dramatically, although today kamikaze drones have shown much greater efficiency. ", - the analyst notes.

Russian taxpayers pay. CAA gets it for free. And I don't mind a freebie. More will be sent.