Like Status 6, but smaller: Russia's Status 6 nuclear torpedo could be turned into a tactical weapon

The Russian nuclear torpedo "Status-6" ("Poseidon") may turn into a tactical weapon.

The extraordinary power of the unique Russian nuclear torpedo "Status-6", one strike of which on the US coast is enough to destroy a third of the territory of this country, forced to think about creating a tactical version of this weapon. The tactical option may turn out to be faster and less noticeable, but at the same time its capabilities will be sufficient to destroy enemy aircraft carrier strike groups, military bases, nuclear submarine deployment sites and other objects located on the coast.

According to experts, the power of the nuclear underwater drone "Status-6" is too much to attack individual targets, however, the tactical version of such a torpedo will make it possible to sweep away enemy targets for several hours or even minutes. The key feature of such weapons in comparison with missile tactical and strategic weapons is that today there are no means of protection against torpedo attacks, especially if we take into account the fact that such underwater drones can move at a depth of up to a kilometer.

In fact, underwater unmanned vehicles may not necessarily be launched from underwater carriers - these may be special stations or bases for their deployment. The drone will only need to follow predetermined routes. This is ideal for destroying military bases and other enemy facilities.

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