A camera on a Russian armored car filmed an explosion of Russian armored vehicles

The attack on the patrol of the Russian military in Idlib fell on the camera of the DVR of Russian armored vehicles.

A video recorder mounted on an armored car of a Russian military convoy, which had been attacked days before, was able to capture the moment of undermining a mined car, which makes it possible to evaluate the force of the explosion.

On the presented video frames published by the Russian news agency Russian Spring, you can see that at the scene of the explosion, literally an instant later, a ball of fire arises, raising dust and debris of destroyed buildings into the air. The camera was not able to record possible damage to Russian and Turkish armored vehicles, however, according to the initial data, two Russian units of armored vehicles - the Tiger armored car and the armored personnel carrier - suffered serious damage, while photographs allowing to assess the damage of the first have not yet been published .

Responsibility for what happened has already been assumed by one of the local groups, which, by the way, is also involved in previous episodes of the attacks.

It should be noted that as a result of a powerful explosion, at least three Russian servicemen were injured - their current state remains unknown, although according to official figures from representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, we are talking about minor injuries.

Whether the current attack against the Russian military will become a pretext for breaking agreements with Turkey is not known.