Camera captures X-type cruise missile a hundredth of a second before impact

Surveillance camera filmed an X-type cruise missile a fraction of a second before impact.

One of the outdoor surveillance cameras was able to capture the moment of impact by a type X supersonic cruise missile in a matter of moments before the missile hit the target. Given that such missiles are capable of speeds up to MAX 4,5, it is logical to assume that the fragment from the video captures the impact literally hundredths, if not thousandths of a second before hitting the target.

In the image shown, it is possible to identify an X-type cruise missile. It is not possible to establish the authentic type of missile, however, we can talk about the Kh-22 or Kh-55 missile. This was found out by some design features of this ammunition and the approximate dimensions of the missile shown in the image, however, given that such cruise missiles exist in numerous modifications, it is not yet possible to determine the type of missile for certain.

It is not known which object was hit by this missile, however, given the combat power of such missiles, some of which are strategic missiles, it is logical to assume that the destruction could be simply colossal.

Apparently, we are talking about one of the recent strikes, however, no other details on this subject have yet been given.