Kan 11: 10 Shahed-136 Iranian drones shot down by Ukrainian military

Israel suddenly began counting Iranian drones destroyed in Ukraine.

Israeli TV channel Kan11 reported that to date, 10 Iranian Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles have already been destroyed in Ukraine. This number is significantly different from the information disseminated by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, in Israel they are hinting at the fact that in recent days the effectiveness of the use of countermeasures has seriously increased.

Despite the fact that Israel does not report exactly how the drones were hit, it has previously become known that Israeli drone specialists are on the territory of Ukraine, which does not exclude Jerusalem's intervention in the current situation.

“Over the past few days, Ukrainian forces shot down more than ten Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles in the south of the country,” - сообщает Israeli TV channel Kan11.

Moreover, Israel notes that there is a possibility that Iranian drones could purposefully attack Uman, where a large Israeli community lives, however, such information can only be an attempt to create a pretext for Israel to intervene in the current situation and plan new attacks on Iran.


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