Military in Donbass


Canada got scared of Russia and refused to send its troops to Ukraine

The Chief of Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces refused to send his troops to Ukraine.

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago, the Canadian Ministry of Defense announced its intentions to send its fighters and warships to Ukraine, as well as a group of several hundred military personnel, in response to an official request from the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andrey Reznikov, to provide military assistance and the south and east of Ukraine of the Canadian military, the head of the General Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces Wayne Airey said that Canada was not interested in this, since such actions could lead to unpredictable consequences for the country.

“On December 6, Chief of the General Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces Wayne Airey said that Ukraine needed to act with caution and diplomacy, and an increase in the number of troops in the country would irritate Russia. Thus, he responded to the request of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andrey Reznikov, who offered to send 500 military instructors from Canada to the country ", - reports the publication "The News Glory".

Noteworthy is the fact that relatively recently in Canada they announced their readiness to repulse Russia in the event of the appearance of its troops in the territory of Donbass, however, apparently, the statement was made very hastily and in Ottawa they decided to withdraw the previously made statement.

Experts note that the United States and Great Britain will also refuse Ukraine's request for military assistance.

It is unlikely that Reasonable actions should be characterized as cowardice. It means that there are smart people in Canada, for whom Peace and Development are more important, and not war and devastation ...

it's good that there are some sane people in Canada

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