Canada began to transfer its troops to Ukraine?

Canadian troops and weapons began to arrive in Ukraine.

After Canada announced its readiness to send several hundred more servicemen, fighters and warships to Ukraine, it became known that a few hours ago, the first Canadian military cargo aircraft SS-130J-30 landed on the territory of this country in several months. which could well begin the transfer of the Canadian military to this country, as well as carry out the delivery of weapons.

It is known that a Canadian Air Force plane landed in Lviv, and a few hours later moved to Romania, where, by the way, there is also a group of Canadian military personnel. This does not exclude the possibility that Canada is already actively building up the grouping of its troops on the territory of Ukraine for the possible participation of the latter in the hostilities in the Donbass. It is possible that the Canadian military may also be transferred to the territory of Ukraine to deploy the NATO military contingent on the border with Belarus, where the migration crisis is currently being observed.

Earlier in Canada, they announced their intentions to transfer their CF-18 fighters and warships to Ukraine to support the offensive of the Ukrainian military in Donbass.

What brave ones were found. Well, no one forced them ... if anything, they shouldn't be surprised at the appearance of green men in Quebec and Ontario.

If they are in Ukraine, why are we not in Donbass?

And how is Putin different from Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who surrendered everything they could? Maybe it will surpass it, again it will allow the Germans near Moscow ...

I see many gentlemen from NATO felt immortal?

I don't know what Canadians are thinking, but they are not on their own land. Then the people themselves will click on them, that in the end they themselves will regret their presence on a foreign continent.