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Canada hastily removed its fighters from Ukrainian borders, fearing Russian S-400s

Canada's threats against Russia have disappeared, as have its fighters.

After a series of recent threats from the Canadian defense department that the country intends to transfer its CF-18 fighters to one of the Ukrainian military air bases, which will be used not only against the militias in Donbass, but also against the Russian military if the latter try to move their troops to Donbass , it became known that the Canadian Air Force hastily removed its fighters from the Ukrainian borders. They did not motivate their actions, fearing, apparently, that in the event of a real conflict in Donbass, these planes would be shot down long before they could even use the weapons they had.

According to the "Operative Line" Telegram channel, the fighters were forced to leave the territory of the airbase in Romania and are now on the territory of Canada. This indicates the fact that there is no talk of any Canadian intervention in the situation in Donbass, and Ottawa's statements are provocative.

“Despite Canada's belligerent statements against Russia that it was considering the option of redeploying its CF-18 fighters, performing in Romania the tasks of the NATO Air Policing in Romania mission, to one of the Ukrainian airbases, yesterday all the Canadian Hornets left the Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase. AB in Romania, accompanied by the CC-150 Polaris aircraft tanker and the C-130 transport aircraft, went overseas, having made 309 flights and having flown 425 hours in its sixth Romanian mission in three months ", - said in the published message.

Moreover, according to some reports, during the recent landing of the Canadian Air Force in Lvov, the Canadian military, previously stationed in Ukraine, were partially evacuated.

why S-400? figuratively speaking, maybe a slingshot will be enough