Canada announced its readiness to strike fighters and warships in the Donbass

Canada intends to send its troops to Ukraine and attract fighters to attack the DPR and LPR.

In Canada, they threaten to send their troops to Donbass and transfer their CF-18 fighters to the territory of Ukraine to strike at the positions of the militias of the self-proclaimed people's republics. At the moment, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand is considering the possibility of transferring several hundred servicemen, military equipment and weapons to Donbass. At the same time, the possibility of deploying Canadian CF-18 fighters at Ukrainian air bases is also being considered, which will have to strike at the Donbass or at the Russian military in the event of an invasion of the latter into the territory of Ukraine.

The transfer of the Canadian military and weapons is supposed to be done under the guise of an alleged Russian threat, although Canada itself has repeatedly emphasized that Russia has the legal right to place its equipment anywhere on its territory.

“Defense Minister Anita Anand is considering deploying hundreds of additional troops to support Canadian soldiers already in Ukraine. Other options under consideration include the transfer of a warship to the Black Sea or the redeployment of some of the CF-18 fighters based in Romania. Any reinforcements would mean a message to Mr Putin, who raised the alarm for the second time this year by concentrating troops and equipment near his country's borders with Ukraine. Videos posted on the Internet show thousands of weapons - including tanks, armored personnel carriers and multiple launch rocket systems - moving towards Ukraine from their regular bases in other parts of Russia. By some estimates, just under 100 Russian soldiers are now just a short drive from Ukraine, a country that Mr. Putin has never considered a fully sovereign state and is determined to refrain from joining the US-led North Atlantic Treaty.- сообщает publication "The Globe and Mail".

At the moment, the decision has not yet been made, however, if Canadian fighters really start bombing Donbass, this will definitely force Russia to intervene in the situation.

Yeah, let them watch Bondarchuk's film "Inhabited Island" - there, too, unknown fathers wanted to fight. The result is deplorable. They think that every soldier is so eager to shed his blood, or vice versa, that every our soldier is cooler than Rambo, but no guys, Nevzorov is right that there are a lot of servicemen, but there are very few of them, and he was an eyewitness to the events, and what a film he shot! All pathos will quickly end when the first mountain of corpses forms! In general, you need to be friends with your neighbors, otherwise there will be ATO and NATO!

Have "wives and children" already left the territory of Canada?

Blah blah blah, they will chew their ties like Misha, they fought in Afghanistan, the world saw them all as skittles.

What is the tendency for a woman to be appointed minister of defense? And in Germany recently they put a woman, so she also wants to play with Russia, apparently does not remember how it ended in 1945 ...

How? That Canada does not have its own territory or is so inaccessible? But the ability on its part to reach Donbass speaks of the accessibility of Canada itself.

In Ottawa, they do not realize with whom they will actually fight, if Russians live in Donbass ...

In Canada, there is a bulk of Ukrainians, on a campaign they can send them to their historical homeland, just 2 birds with one stone! And so, there were still not enough Canadians, suicides.

... and if, in response, something either arrives in Toronto, or Ontario, for example ...?

The lady is exactly 1 (one!) Month (!) In office, and already wants to fight (to participate in the division of what is now called Ukraine?). Explain to her that when THIS begins, there will be a no-fly zone over the Ukrainian theater of operations, provided by Russian air defense systems. PS The gold reserves of Canada by March 3, 2016 were reduced to zero ... Why am I doing this?

but this will already be regarded as aggression. the consequences can be dire, especially for the aggressor.

Cool and true


Do you want wars?

I wonder if, instead of Canada, there will be a strait, the Gulf Stream will change direction?

Come on, get started. The sooner you come, the sooner you will sober up your mind, after the first batch of coffins to Canada

Canada is the territory where the brave Bandera fled after the war. What do you want from them?

Let them not forget to take the coffins with them.

Canadians are not in "courses" that people with Russian citizenship live there? If they are so determinedly eager to take part in the shelling of Donbass, does this mean that Canada has declared war on Russia? What will the Russian leadership take in this situation? Or will we not interfere and betray our citizens? Let them die?

Others who want to rejuvenate their gene pool.

Have you been dead for a long time?

It is interesting that the Minister of Defense of Canada will sing when her soldiers go home with a load of 200, in packs?

Russia is to blame, but Donbas will be bombed. And this is what they call to bring democracy. Who else doesn't like the Kiev regime?

And Ottawa, you Ottawa, was a good town, and now there is only a pit and molten sand ...

What a "wonderful" time. As soon as a woman becomes a defense minister, she is drawn to ... fight !? She is the same in the bed ... a warrior? :)
But I strongly doubt the ability / determination of the Kremlin to "hit" Canada ...

It would be interesting to know how many hours of life will remain for Canada after the first strike on Russian citizens in Donbass.

Let Canada play hockey, she does it better. To fight with Russia is her death

What a bold desire - to send your citizens, from another continent, to certain death.

Well this is too much! Then our Chinese friends will also send their troops to help the Donetsk miners.

The top one from the bottom half of the head will fly off