Canadian man pretended to be a mercenary in Ukraine for two months, lured out more than $100

A resident of Canada lured out more than 100 thousand dollars, pretending to be mercenaries in Ukraine.

A citizen of Canada, whose search is currently interested in the police, was convicted of fraud, pretending to be a mercenary located on the territory of Ukraine. The scammer uploaded most of the video frames at night to hide his identity, and used toy weapons as weapons.

“He was one of the most dashing foreign volunteers fighting in Ukraine, wowing thousands of his Twitter fans with tales of daring missions behind the lines. But vivid descriptions of the Canadian volunteer's actions on the front lines were exposed as fabricated, with Internet sleuths identifying his weapon as nothing more than an imitation of an air gun (according to other sources, a toy gun). After examining his social media posts, conflict experts uncovered a number of clues that led to the startling discovery of the suspected gunman's real whereabouts. One social media user determined that his rifle was a fake after carefully comparing the weapon to copies online., according to the Telegraph.

According to preliminary data, in a few months the pseudo-mercenary could receive more than $ 100 thousand in donations, however, given the fact that the identity of the fraudster was revealed, in all likelihood, in the near future the Canadian may be prosecuted in accordance with Canadian law.