US aircraft carrier


The captain of the American nuclear carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” was offered to sail to Russia to save thousands of sailors

The captain of the American nuclear carrier Theodore Roosevelt offered to sail to Russia for salvation.

The US Navy command removed the captain of the nuclear carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” from command “against the backdrop of loss of confidence”, as a result of which he was offered to sink the ship or “sail to the shores of Russia” to save several thousand sailors.

According to official figures, onboard a coronavirus, an infection was detected in 253 crew members, while more than a hundred American sailors are in very serious condition. According to unofficial data, we are talking about 282 cases of infection, while the spread of the infection indicates a critical situation, against which ordinary Americans offer the captain either to flood a huge floating military airfield, or to request emergency assistance from Russia, hijacking a ship to the Russian coast.

“Just blow this damn aircraft carrier!” This determination will show Washington that the jokes are over. ”

“Flood this damned boat!” The Pentagon has already shown that the US does not need it. ”

“Maybe you should ask for help from Russia? If the US command does not want to save their sailors, then the Russians will do this, having received an aircraft carrier for several billion "

It should be clarified that earlier the US command announced that it would not evacuate the crew of the aircraft carrier, citing the lack of need for this, since the situation is fully controlled.

Specialists, in turn, are wondering whether Russia will help thousands of American sailors if the detached captain really decides to take such a step, which seems almost fantastic, however, it should be noted that cases of coronavirus infection have been detected on other American aircraft carriers, albeit in smaller quantities.

You can save if they renounce American citizenship and take Russian.

America believes in fakes that we will write here and do it)

Stalin and Roosevelt

There will be two aircraft carriers. Kuznetsov and Roosevelt (can be renamed Zhukov or Stalin, Grozny, Stalingrad

Let all infected people be allowed into Russia., Few of us are our infected holidaymakers who have fled from abroad.

Where are the links? Where does the information come from?

Are you sure that you wrote the truth? And then, after all, for verbiage they can pinch))))

What a fright? The salvation of drowning, the work of the drowning themselves. Yes, I am, in relation to the Americans, a cynic. They are our enemies and the more they die, the greater our victory.

Why to Russia? To China!!!

Do not interfere with self-destruction.

treat a virus? He’s not even diagnosed with us, as the head said. Department of St. Petersburg State Medical University in all Russian media.

People! need to save.

This suggests that the help is insincere, based on dividends.