Sheremetyevo disaster


SSJ-100 Accident: Black Boxes Decrypted

Black boxes of SSJ-100 burned down in Sheremetyevo decrypted

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) completed the decoding of the black boxes of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner (SSJ-100), which crashed after landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

On the site of the IAC it is reported that the data were obtained from both the flight recorders - operational and emergency. Now the committee is analyzing the available information.

The parametric flight recorder is severely damaged due to high temperature. Sound recorder is in satisfactory condition. The commission will be able to prepare a report on what happened within thirty days.

On May 17, RIA Novosti, referring to the document of the Federal Air Navigation Agency, reported that the SSJ-100 crew violated the instructions and did not release the brake flaps during the approach to the emergency landing. It was also noted that the commander of the airliner "tugged" the control stick, causing the nose of the aircraft to repeatedly deviate up and down.

A little later, the airline "Aeroflot", it was stated that the document Rosaviatsii interpreted incorrectly. The company reported that there were no violations of instructions from the pilots. As for the unreleased brake flaps, it was impossible to do this, since there was no steady run of the aircraft.

The crash of SSJ-100 of Aeroflot Airlines occurred on May 5th. The board flew from Moscow to Murmansk and a few minutes later returned to Sheremetyevo. When landing the plane caught fire. An 41 man died in the crash, including a flight attendant, a passenger 33 and a crew member 4 survived.


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