Burning SSJ-100


SSJ-100 crash at Sheremetyevo: erroneous actions of a flight attendant caused passengers to die

Passengers did not have time to leave the plane because of the erroneous actions of the flight attendant.

Experts have discovered an unexpected detail in the case of the tragic plane crash at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, which may indicate erroneous actions of the flight attendant in an emergency situation on board a passenger airliner. As it turned out, the flight attendant opened the tailgate of the aircraft, which created additional traction, and led to the early spread of fire and smoke.

“The flight attendant, trying to save the passengers, opened the back door - but this was the reason for the instant smoke of the cabin. If the tailgate had remained closed, the fire and smoke penetrated the cabin much slower. And so the smoke pulled into the cabin. Pilots ventilate the cabin in such a way - they open the rear and front doors. ”, - informs IA "Lenta", referring to the "Telegram" channel "Baza".

It should be clarified that the experts were able to establish that the passengers who were in the rear of the airliner did not even have time to unfasten their seat belts, which indicates that people simply suffocated.

How objective is the information presented, so far remains unknown.

As a result of a plane crash at the Sheremetyevo airport in the capital, 41 people died.

it was publicized about a foreign object on the strip. That lightning. Then they punished two policemen for dismissal. that they posted a video about the burning plane. Used to hide their stupidity and disorder. Now, flight attendants are to blame. Blame the system that created, officials and the leadership must be planted. Airplane "Jet" was called. And do not hesitate to put the word "super"!

This is not an unexpected detail. The first versions of the flight attendant’s opening appeared on the 7 in May after the appearance of photos of the burned side in the network, where the open rear left door of the aircraft was clearly visible. But by that moment, the pro-Kremlin media manipulators had already nominated a flight attendant for the Hero of Russia and the Order of Courage, so the version has faded. Even when the IAC in the report indicated that the door was open from the inside, the Kremlin’s discussion of this point was not removed. Because the fact that there is no window in the door of the Superjet immediately emerges, and this is a complaint to the designers of the GSS, which should be “not to blame”.

First read the instructions on the behavior of the flight attendant in an emergency
After all, how much we all know that the flight attendant died and want to blame the dead as they say from the dead is not something to take
a shame

This once again confirms that Aeroflot does not pay attention to the full preparation of not only the flight crew, but also the flight attendants. For the management of this airline, the main margin increase, and staff training is the tenth.
When pilots do not know how to land in manual mode, this indicates the complete incompetence of such flight personnel.