Kazakhstan could be Russia's next problem after Ukraine and NATO

Guest Vladimir Solovyov called Kazakhstan the next problem after Ukraine and NATO.

As part of the TV show “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” Russian political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky said that Kazakhstan could become the next problem for Russia after Ukraine and NATO. According to Drobnitsky, Nazi trials may begin in Kazakhstan, which should be closely monitored.

“There, too, the same Nazi processes that are now in Ukraine can begin. And there are a lot of Russians there and the territory there ... sorry, and Semipalatinsk is there, and nuclear fuel for our entire Rosatom is also there. ”, - said Drobnitsky as part of a television show.

The footage that got aired led to a scandal, especially as Russia and Kazakhstan agreed to continue to maintain good relations.

The current situation forced the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Roman Vasilenko, to comment on the situation. According to Vasilenko, Drobnitsky's statement does not reflect the official position of Moscow, however, it requires investigation by Russia, as it undermines relations between Astana and Moscow.

“We believe that, firstly, they do not reflect the official position of the Russian Federation, secondly, they damage the traditionally close relations between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, and, thirdly, they deserve an appropriate reaction from the Russian authorities. The voicing of such positions on one of the main federal television channels also deserves a reaction from the authorities of the Russian Federation.Vasilenko said.


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