From April 1, Kazakhstan will ban the import of parallel import goods to Russia

From April 1, the authorities of Kazakhstan introduce a ban on parallel imports of goods to Russia.

According to the Financial Times, an agreement was reached between Kazakhstan and the United States that the Kazakh authorities would limit the import of goods to Russia, the supply of which was limited by Western countries. The ban, apparently, will not apply to those goods that will be produced on the territory of Kazakhstan and countries that did not impose a ban, however, the restrictions will be quite serious.

According to the information provided, starting next month, the authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan will start using an online system that will monitor all goods, both imported and exported from the country. This will definitely create a number of difficulties, although Kazakhstan does not officially disclose its position on this issue. As one of the interlocutors of the Financial Times explained, Astana will not impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, but it also does not want to contribute to the violation of Western restrictions.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the restrictions on the import of goods into Russia, however, definitely, retaliatory measures will be introduced against Kazakhstan.


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